Update GB WhatsApp Pro APK From the Old Version To The Latest Version May 2024

Update GB WhatsApp Pro APK From the Old Version To The Latest Version V17.55

Do you want to update GB WhatsApp pro from the old version to the latest version? Before updating it, you need to know its latest version. The latest version of GBWhatsApp Pro APK is v17.80 (

As GB WhatsApp is not officially available on the Google Play Store, you need to update it from other resources. When you first download it on your mobile phone, you get it from a third-party website like GBOGFMYO.com. The same you need to do for updating it.

The updates of GB WhatsApp also launch on third-party websites. When the new updates arrive, you must download them from these resources and update your GB WhatsApp. In this article, I will guide you on how to update GB WhatsApp Pro to the latest version.

Update file info

File NameGBWhatsApp Pro APK
File Size72.1 MB
Update VersionV17.80 (
File TypeAPK
Update File Info Table

Ways to update GB WhatsApp Pro

You can update your GB WhatsApp in the following two different ways:

  1. Direct Update
  2. Manual Update

1. Direct Update

When new updates of GB WhatsApp arrive, you receive a pop-up notification on your WhatsApp. This message appears on the home activity of your GBWhatsApp. Along with the updating message, the pop notification contains two buttons, “Update” and “Later.”

When you click the update button, it directly navigates you to the source website where the new update is available. Simply download the updated version of GB WhatsApp from there and install it on your mobile. It is the direct way to update GBWhatsApp Pro.

In the case of clicking the later button, the pop notification disappears. You can continue your messaging where you left off. Even if you ignore the update notification, you have to update your GBWhatsApp. Because after a specific time, the old version is no longer usable, and GBWhatsApp stops working.

GB WhatsApp pro update notification

2. Manual Update

When you do not update your GB WhatsApp with the pop notification, you must manually update it. To manually update, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Open your GB WhatsApp and click the three dots from the top right corner of the home screen. A list of different settings appears.
  • Click the GBSettings option from the list. It will bring you to a new screen with several options.
  • Hit the updates option from the screen, and you will move to another screen.
  • There are three options on the updates screen. The “Check For Updates,” “WhatsApp Changelog,” and “Update From Web.”
  • Tap the Update From Web option to update your GB WhatsApp manually. This option will take you to the web resource where its updated version is available.
  • Download the updated version and install it on your phone.
GB WhatsApp pro update guide from various resources

Through adherence to these steps, you can update your GB WhatsApp when you miss the update pop notification.

How to update GB WhatsApp Pro

The update process of GB WhatsApp is simple. When you download its updated version from any resource, it saves to your mobile phone. You can update GB WhasApp by installing that update. For smooth installation of updates, follow the following steps:

  • Find the updated version of GB WhatsApp APK on your mobile after downloading it. You can get it from the download folder or the APK folder from your mobile’s file manager.
  • Please open the APK file and install it as you previously installed GBWhatsApp on your mobile phone. 
  • It requires the same permissions for the installation of updates.
  • After completing the installation process, launch the app, and boom! Here you have the updated version of GBWhatsApp now.

When you install the updated version of GB WhatsApp on your mobile phone, it replaces the old version. There is no need to worry about the previous version.

When you open the app after successfully updating it, you see a “Changelog” on the screen. This change log contains the information about the new update. If you are not interested in reading that, ignore it and keep using your GBWhatsApp.

Tip: If the changelog appears after the updating your GBWhatsApp, it means it is successfully updated. When you do not see any changelog after updating it, it means your GBWhatsApp has failed to update.

Note: This tip is based on personal experience. I do not read it from anywhere on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Every version of GB WhatsApp has a particular period. When a new update arrives, the old version is obsolete after a specific period. If you do not update your GBWhatsApp to the latest version, it stops working. When you try to open it, you will see an update with the message, “Your current version of GBWhatsApp is outdated. Update your GB WhatsApp to the new version.” In the end, you have to update it if you want or not.

GB WhatsApp is the clone of the official WhatsApp. It has all the features of the original WhatsApp plus enhanced features. When the official WhatsApp updates, GB WhatsApp also updates. This new update contains all the updated features of the original WhatsApp. The other case of a new update of GBWhatsApp is: if the old version has some bugs or errors, GB WhatsApp sends an update to fix the bugs.

The latest version of GB WhatsApp is V17.80 ( You can download it from GBOGFMYO.com.

Final Words

The updates of GB WhatsApp launch on third-party websites. You need to download the update from there to update your GBWhatsApp. The updating steps of GB WhatsApp are the same as the installation steps.

You can update GBWhatsApp in two different ways: the “manual” and “auto.” In both cases, you can get the updated file from GBOGFMYO.com. The updating process is straightforward. Simply follow the process and update your GB WhatsApp.

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