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GBWhatsApp Pro APK (Anti-Ban) Download Latest Version July 2024(Updated)



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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps, with millions of active users worldwide, especially in Asia. The primary purpose of using this app is online messaging(chat), video calling, media files (audio, videos, pictures, etc) sharing, and many more. Having WhatsApp with some extended features makes it more exciting and interesting. That’s why GBWhatsApp APK is here to download and install on your Android device.

Developers customize the app to add new features in it like hide view status, blue ticks after reply, no blue ticks at all, hide online status or show always online, anti-delete message, show deleted status, and many more exciting features. Most importantly, GB WhatsApp Pro is a virus-free app and tested by different third-party antivirus and malware detection systems. Feel free to use this application and enjoy its features.

Stay with me to get proper and comprehensive guide about GB WhatsApp Pro APK…!

GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download Official Latest Version July 2024(Updated)

Same as the official WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp is also end-to-end encrypted and offers a fully secure environment. Moreover, it has extra layers of security that offer you a free environment to keep your private data safe and secure.

Info Table

App NameGBWhatsApp Pro
Android VersionAndroid 4.3+
VersionLatest Version(V17.80)
Base Version2.24.6.77
Total Downloads99,000,000+
APK Size72.1 MB
Root RequirementNot Required
Main PurposeWhatsApp with Extended Features
Last Updated5 Hours Ago
Info Table For The Download File Of The GBWhatsApp Pro APK

What Is GBWhatsApp APK?

GBWhatsApp APK is a modified version of the official WhatsApp. It is a clone of WhatsApp but with extended features. Different websites provide Modified versions of WhatsApp with different names, but has its most popular, updated, and trustworthy versions.

Mod version means modified version. That’s why the features of the Mod version are beyond your imagination. You can’t expect them from the original WhatsApp.

Here, you have the latest version V17.80 of GBWhatsApp Mod APK to install on your Android mobile. This app has been continuously updated since its development. You can get it without hesitation.

To enjoy the app’s outstanding features, download it from our website and have fun. Access to all its features is super easy. You don’t need to root your device or perform any other critical operation to install it.

Features Of GB WhatsApp Pro APK 2024

GB WhatsApp Pro comes with a bunch of exciting and useful features. Here is the list of popular features of GB WhatsApp Mod APK 2024.

Auto Reply

Status Download

DND Mode


1. Auto Reply

The auto-reply feature of GBWhatsApp allows you to give a customized auto-response to upcoming messages even if you are not available. This feature is implemented for businesses to give a quick response to their customers. For this purpose you can set it on “Reply to all messages“. Additionally, you can apply this feature under certain conditions like if a message contains these keywords then auto-reply this message(If a message contains Happy Birthday then reply “Thanks for remembering my day”). This makes its use more effective.

Auto Reply Feature Screenshot

2. Hide View Status

By using this feature, you can hide view status activity. It adds another layer of privacy, as you are viewing the status of others without letting them know.

Hide View Status Feature Screenshot

3. Broadcast Text Messages

You can now broadcast text messages in your GBWhatsApp. Before using this feature you have to create a list of contacts to whom you want to send broadcast messages. The different small business sends promotional messages by using this feature.

4. DND(Do not disturb)

DND is one of the most popular features of GB WhatsApp. It allows you to disconnect the internet only for WhatsApp messages. If you are using some other app and don’t want to be annoyed by WhatsApp messages, you can activate DND or AirPlane mode. It will switch off the internet only for WhatsApp.

DND Mode Feature Screenshot

5. Customizable Settings

As this APK is a modified version, it offers an array of customizable settings to make their user experience. You have a bunch of themes, fonts, and color schemes. By using this variety of customization, your WhatsApp could be more than just a simple messaging app.

Customizable Settings Feature Screenshot

6. Download Status

There is no need to ask your friends to send your favorite status. GBWhatsApp offers you a great feature of status download. Now you can easily download any WhatsApp status with one click.

Download Status Feature Screenshot

7. Multiple Accounts

GBWhatsApp allows you to run multiple accounts on the same device concomitantly. This feature is very helpful when you want to keep your business activities out of your personal life. Use this feature to have more fun.

8. Filter Messages

GB WhatsApp comes with a filter messages feature that allows you to filter messages and clear your chat. It keeps you away from the mess.

9. Anti-Revoke(Anti-Delete) Messages

One of the most exciting features of this app. With the help of this feature, you can see deleted messages. There’s no need to ask what was there.

Anti Delete Message Feature Screenshot

10. Share Live Locations

Now you can share your live location with your friends. There is no need to ask them for long and confusing addresses.

11. Send Multiple Pictures

Simple WhatsApp allows only a limited count of pictures sharing once like 30 images at a time. But GB WhatsApp allows you to share more than 90 pictures at a time without any error. You can share data in a wide range.

12. Alter Media Visibility

You can alter the media visibility in your gallery for a particular contact. It keeps your media filtered and clear.

13. High-Resolution Image Sharing

Normally, image size decreases when we send it on social media, especially on WhatsApp and Facebook. GB WhatsApp allows you to enhance the resolution of your images while sharing them with your friends or putting them on status.

High Resolution Pics Feature Screenshot of GBWhatsApp Pro APK

14. Share Long Status

Simple WhatsApp only allows you to upload 30 seconds long video status. On GB WhatsApp, you can upload 45s long status. The lengthy status will only display to other GBWhasApp and WhatsApp mod users.

15. Enhanced Privacy

It is great to know that you have multiple layers of security to keep your data private. You can add multiple security layers to maintain your privacy. Moreover, with app lock, chat, and lock every audio and video communication is end-to-end encrypted.

16. Message Scheduler

Keeping birthdays in your mind is very difficult. GBWhatsApp provides the feature of the Message scheduler. With this feature, you can schedule messages on particular dates like birthday wishes, important meeting notifications, and others.

17. Select All Chats

Select all chats with one click and perform any action that you want to perform on them. No need for manual one-by-one selection.

18. Pop-up Notifications

Hiding pop-up notifications from your main screen could be a cool feature to maintain privacy.

19. Notifications

In GBWhatsApp, you get notifications when any of your contacts change their profile picture or come online.

20. Multi-Language Translation

Translate your native written text into numerous famous languages before sending it. A language list is provided in the app. You can use that to translate your text.

21. Ghost Mode

It is a brand-new and fantastic feature of the app. The first time, it was introduced in the version, V17.60 ( This version was launched on 21 December 2023. The ghost mode feature is a mixture of freeze last scene, hide blue ticks, hide online status, and hide view status. It allows you to use your WhatsApp as a ghost. All your activities will remain private when this feature is enabled.

If you want to play around without letting your friends know, enable this feature and have fun. But be careful; it is childish behavior. Yes, having fun with friends and then playing around is good. Just try it now!

Ghost-Mode wa

New Features Added In The Latest Version

The new version of GB WhatsApp is V17.80( It is a big update. So, there are many new features introduced in this version. Moreover, a lot of errors were also fixed in this update. The following features are introduced and improvements are made to the latest version:

  • Anti-Ban Protection For New Numbers (Not Banned Before).
  • Fix Banned Numbers BETA (Not Working On All Numbers).
  • Mass Message Sender.
  • New Style For Loading Fonts.
  • Support Translation In Two Ways.
  • Notifications And Toast In MODs Setting.
  • New Style And Buttons For WhatsApp Widget.
  • Ability To Make Phone Call With Business Accounts.
  • Clear Temporary WhatsApp Files Feature In MODs Settings.
  • Username Feature.
  • Send Voice Notes (View Once).
  • Search In Chat By (Date/Time).
  • Green Dots Automatically In Chats.
  • Icone To Hide Last Seen In The Fab.
  • Toast Who Viewed Your Status By Default.
  • Pinned Chats.
  • Anti-View Once.

These are the new things that happened in the latest version of GB WhatsApp. To explore all of them just download GBWhatsApp and have fun.

Requirements For GB WhatsApp Pro

An active Internet ConnectionWIFI or Cellular Data
Your Device’s LocationAccess to your Media Gallery
Access to your ContactsCamera Access
Microphone AccessExternal Storage Access
GB WhatsApp Requirement Table

Enhanced Privacy Controls

With the help of all mentioned features, you have full control over your personal privacy choices. This app provides you with numerous privacy controls, allowing you to maintain your privacy standards effectively. These features are designed to keep your activities private.

Interesting privacy controls available in the app are given below:

  • Being online or offline(Status)
  • Hide last seen
  • Double tick
  • Blue Tick
  • Chat Lock
  • Blue Ticks After Reply
  • Recording status(Hide/Show)
  • Typing Status(Hide/Show)
  • Message Scheduling

Comparison Between WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp – Difference Based On Features

As the name indicated MOD APK, it is clear that the app is a modified version of the official app. There are extended features available in GBWhatsApp MOD APK. Above, we have discussed the core features of GB WhatsApp. Now we compare the features of the official WhatsApp and its MOD version.

Comparison between GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp
WA Status Characters LengthUp to 255 CharactersUp to 139 Characters
Unit Time Document Sharing10030
Media Sharing50 MB15 MB
Hide & Show Last SceneYesYes
Text Status CopyingYesNo
Documents Sharing in Pdf, Txt formatYesYes
Languages Supported45130
Blank Messages SendingYesNo
Theme ChangingYesNo
Fonts CustomizationYesNo
Comparison Table

How To Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK 2024

Many people think Android or iOS apps are only available at their official app stores. As MOD APKs are modified versions of official apps. These are unofficial apps that’s why their downloading process is different. Here I’ll guide you on how you can get a feature-rich modified app on your mobile phone.

These are third-party apps so have to download them from trustworthy third-party resources like

Steps to download APK:

  1. Download APK from a third-party trusted website like or an official one
  2. Find the latest version and download APK on your phone
  3. The file will be downloaded to your device

Note: As you are downloading APK from a third-party website, it will show you caution “your device is at risk”. Click on the download anyway option and get the app.

How To Install GB WhatsApp APK

Step 1: First of all, go to your device settings and enable the “Install From Unknown Resources option”. Now start the installation process.

Installation Guide of GBWA

Step 2: Find the app in your file manager and open it to install it on your mobile.

Step 3: Follow the instructions regarding installation given on the screen to complete the installation process.

Step 4: When the installation process is completed, click on the button “Launch GB WhatsApp”.

Step 5: After launching, set up the app. Setting-up steps are similar to the official WhatsApp you can proceed with them easily.

How To Update GBWhatsApp APK

Updating process of GBWhatsApp is almost similar to the downloading and installation process of the app. When the new version is available, a pop-up message will display on WhatsApp that notifies you that the new version is available, please update your app to the latest version.

You need to follow the following steps to download the latest version.

Step 1: Click on the “update app” button from the notification. It will  bring you to the website where the updated version is available

Step 2: Download the updated version of the app by following the same process that you adopted while first time downloading the app.

Step 3: Install it on your mobile phone

Step 4: The previous version will be replaced by the latest version

Step 5: On the latest version, there will display a catalog that has a list of new updates and changes.

Step 6: Your GBWhatsApp is now up to date, go explore new features and have fun.

GBWhatsApp For iPhone

Android users enjoy several modified apps. Mostly, iPhone users do not know the process of downloading iOS files on their smartphones. Even iPhone has a large audience but they are still lacking regarding this. If you are willing to know the process, keep with me!

  • Open the site on your iOS device
  • Open the website
  • Click on the below-given button to download the iOS file
  • Open the file on your mobile
  • Start installing process and follow the instructions
  • When the file is installed, open GBWhatsApp iOS and launch the app
  • Register on the app with your mobile number 
  • Enjoy the app!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

It is an unofficial mod version of a very popular messaging WhatsApp. There are a ton of exciting features in the app that urge you o download it on your mobile.

Yes, this feature-rich app is 100% free to download. Moreover, its all themes are also free.

Modified apps are only available on third-party websites. Visit your trustworthy thyroid party website such as and get this app. When the file is downloaded, you can easily install it. Be aware of potential security risks that could be present in any third-party resource.

According to the honest feedback of millions of users, it is clear that GBWhatsApp is safe to use. I’m personally using this app since 2019 and I didn’t face any security or other issue while using it. Get this app without any hesitation and have fun with many amazing features.

When the new version will available, you will get a notification. By following that notification, you can update it. Moreover, you can manually update your GB WhatsApp from a third-party website. When you update it the older version will be replaced with the new updated version.

Get GB WhatsApp from a trustworthy third-party resource like, open the app, and install it. When the installation is completed, the app will be ready to launch. After successfully launching the app, set up your account, and enjoy it. Furthermore, we have provided the video guide below. Please keep scrolling to reach there.

Yes, you can have both apps at the same time on your mobile. But you need to sign in with different numbers. You can’t register with the same number on both WhatsApp.

Yes, it is possible to transfer your all chats and data to the GBwhatsApp while transferring from the original WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp. Simply, create a local backup of your WhatsApp and import it on your modified WA while setting up your account.

Even GBWA is an unofficial application but WhatsApp doesn’t ban your account when switch from official WhatsApp to an unofficial one.

No, there is no need to root your device. You can install it normally.

Same as Android, it works smoothly on an iOS device.

Yes, you have complete freedom to use all features without getting help from another third-party app.

Absolutely not! When someone hides their status to any contact, it is considered hidden status for everyone on both WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp User Guide

Watch this video to understand the working of GB WhatsApp.

Final Words

Because of the marvelous features available in the, I hope you will love this app. Using this will not only be fun for yourself but also for your friends too. I think sharing it with your close ones is, not a bad idea.

GB WhatsApp APK has a wide range of features that enhance your user experience. Even if the app is highly secure and trustworthy, there is a potential risk always there when you use unofficial apps. To reduce this risk, you have to download the APK from a trusted source like this website. We manage virus and malware-free GBWhatsApp for you.

As our provided APK is tested and free of all kinds of vulnerabilities, you are free to download it without any reluctance.

If you want more updates regarding GB WhatsApp, you have to keep visiting our website. Not only for news but also to keep your APK up to date.