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FM WhatsApp APK (Anti-Ban) Download Latest Version May 2024(Updated)



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Everyone is tied up in their life and for communication purposes, WhatsApp is the most popular app. If you want to enjoy chatting with your friends, FM WhatsApp APK is the best way to communicate. 

In the revolving world, everyone is interested in revolutionary ideas. The developer used this concept and introduced the exciting app with an extended featured app named FM Whatsapp.

Stay with me to get proper and comprehensive guide about FM WhatsApp APK…!

FM WhatsAp APK (Anti-Ban) Download Latest Version May 2024(Updated)

It is a Mod app similar to GBWhatsApp but with some different extended features like hide status, hide blue ticks, hide view status, download status, freeze last scene, privacy, and more. All these features make it more interesting.

Info Table

App NameFM WhatsApp
DeveloperFouad Mods
Downloads50 Million+
Size 76 MB
FeaturesAll Extra Features
Rating 4.5 
Last Updated 1 day ago 
FM WhatsApp APK Info Table

What is FM Whatsapp APK?

FM WhatsApp is a modified version of the Official WhatsApp. The main thing about this app is that official WhatsApp does not develop it. The third party develops it.

As we know the third party developers develop it but it is still secure and reliable. Most users are concerned about security. The developers of this app kept it in mind and introduced this app with high-security layers like chat lock, screen lock and hide chats. These security features make it more secure.

FM WhatsApp is frequently chosen over  Mod Apks because of its extra features. Features make this app more interesting. Developers added a wide range of features to expand its qualities like hide view status, hide blue ticks, hide status, freeze last scene, extra security layers, customization, anti-delete messages, anti-delete status, and many other interesting features.

This app has a wide range of features but you can’t download it from the Google Play Store. As a third party develops it you need a secure APK site to download this mod version. Please check the site before you download it if it is safe and protected from malware detection.

Why should you use FM WhatsApp?

Answer is quite simple, FM WhatsApp is a fast mode version of WhatsApp. It saves your time and provides you with a fabulous extended feature. 

Developers of FM Whatsapp keep it in their mind that security and privacy is the 1st priority of every user. Developers develop this app with extra security layers and high privacy.

For example: You can hide your chat, turn off notification and lock your chat with a pattern password, and fingerprint. These are the few reasons that insist you to download FM WhatsApp over other  Whatsapp mods.

Features of FM Whatsapp APK 2024

There are many reasons why FM WhatsApp.  The main reason is its fabulous extended features. Let’s have a look at exciting features.

Auto Reply

Status Download

DND Mode


 1. Multiple Accounts

It is a recently updated feature in this app. This feature allows you to add multiple accounts in one  APK file. No need to worry about different accounts. This feature greatly benefits entrepreneurs as they need a dual account system. 

2. Customizable Settings

You can make your WhatsApp more interesting with customizable settings. You have different themes, fonts, and color schemes. Make your chat more interesting with this feature.

3. Anti Delete Message

 Sometimes we are annoyed when someone deletes a message. So, no need to worry about asking your friend what he has deleted. This feature can auto-delete. You can see what he has deleted in chat. Enjoy this interesting feature.

4. Anti Delete Status

If someone frequently deletes status and you are curious about what he has deleted this feature allows you to see deleted status.

5. Freeze Last Scene

If you do not want to show that when you are online. Use this feature and hide your last activity.

6. Secure Your Chats

If you want to secure your chats this feature surely helps you to secure them. You just need to pin your chat. Pinning your chats will surely secure your chats.

7. Chat Lock Feature  

This feature provides extra security layers like Lock chat, hide chat, and lock WhatsApp. You can even lock and hide a single person’s chat with a fingerprint or pattern.

8. Send Message Unsaved Contacts

You can send a message directly to the number. It means you only need to type a message and send it.

9. Sharing Media Files

There is a restriction in official WhatsApp for sharing files. FM Whatsapp allows you to share files up to 1000MB. It’s a good feature for mod users.

10. Anti View Once Message

Official Whatsapp allows you to view only once. But this app permits you to view once message as much as you want. It is a plus point of this app.

11. Sharing Long Status 

Official WhatsApp allows you to send status for up to 30 seconds but this app permits you to share status for up to 45 seconds. Mod users can only view long statuses.

12. DND Mode

DND mode simply acts as airplane mode. It just simply turned off your internet connection from WhatsApp. You can use other apps through the internet. It will only disconnect your internet connection for WhatsApp.

13. Message Scheduler 

Sometimes you forget to send a special message on special occasions. You will face aggression from your beloved or your boss. This feature surely solves your problem. You just need to select a contact, type a message, and set a date and time. At a particular time, it will automatically send it to a particular person.

14. Bulk Message Send

This app offers a special feature known as “Bulk Message”. You can send messages to multiple people at the same time. It is helpful for people who have a long contact list. It is a time savior. 

15. Updated Regularly

Everyone likes updates because every update brings new exciting features. An update message will appear on your screen in a month or 2 to 3 months. 

16. Separate Chats, Groups, and Communities

Sometimes you are irritated when you get a lot of messages from groups,  chats, and communities. It messed up your chat screen, but you have different pages for chats, groups, and communities with FM Whatsapp. When you click on chat only chats will appear. When you click on groups only groups will appear on your screen.

17. Download Status

Sometimes you like someone’s status and you feel hesitant to ask. These features allow you to download the status with only one click. You just need to click on the download option status, and it will save on your mobile. 

18. Ghost Mode

It is the latest updated feature of FM Whatsapp  This feature simply acts as a ghost. Just like a ghost, you can hide your activities. You are online and doing all your activities but for your friends you are offline. Your activities will be frozen only for your friends.

19. Group Messaging

FM Whatsapp allows users to create a group of up to 500 participants. The official WhatsApp group is limited to 256 characters. Additionally, users can choose a broadcast message to multiple groups at once. It helps users send messages to large audiences.

How to Download or Install FM WhatsApp APK

The installation process of FM Whatsapp is simple. Firstly create a backup of your chats. It will help you when you download FM Whatsapp your chats and data will be secure.

The installation process of FM Whatsapp is quite simple and easy but different from official WhatsApp. Official WhatsApp can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. For Mod apps you go through a different process.

You need a secure website for mod apps like GBOGFMYO.COM. Here are some steps for you. By following these steps you can download FM WhatsApp.

  • Download FM Whatsapp from any secure site. Keep in mind the site should be secure.
  • Enable the “Install from Unknown Resource Option” from device settings.
  • Find the app in your file manager and open it. Install it on your mobile.
  • Follow the process that appears on your screen. Complete the installation process.
  • After the completion process allows internal storage access by enabling storage permission.
  • Provide your phone number.
  • Click on the “Copy WhatsApp Data option under your phone number to copy WhatsApp data.
  •   Your old chat backup will be restored once you verify your phone number with the OTP.

The installation process is complete! Enjoy this app.

How to update FM Whatsapp APK?

The updating process of FM Whatsapp is similar to the installation process. Whenever the new version is available, an update notification will pop up on your screen. It will notify you if a new version is available download it.

Follow these steps to update FM WhatsApp pro apk.

  • Click on the update version option, and it will bring you to the website where the updated version is available.
  • Follow the same process that you followed for the downloading process.
  • Install it on your mobile.
  • The latest version will be replaced with the previous version.
  • The new update will have a list of new features.
  • Your FM Whatsapp is now up to date. Enjoy new features and have fun!

Advantages and Disadvantages of FM WhatsApp APK 

It has extended features It has privacy issues.  
You can share files up to 1000 Mb You can not report any problem or error. 
When someone sends you a forwarded message forward will not be visible Its speed is  slower than the official WhatsApp
A variety of themes makes your chat more interesting.It is not end-to-end encrypted so it could be possible for a developer to read your messages. 
This application is free to use. It has a slower update process. 
Pros and cons of FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp vs Official WhatsApp

Characteristics FM WhatsappOfficial Whatsapp 
Freeze Last sceneYesNo
Send Large File YesNo
Customization YesNo
Anti delete statusYesNo
Extra Security LayersYesNo
Hide View StatusYesNo
Documents YesYes
End-to-end encryptedNoYes
Comparison between official and FM WhatsApp

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

FM Whatsapp is a third-party app. Fouad Mods developed it with some extended features.

FM Whatsapp provides a lot of extended features. Official  Whatsapp does not provide these features.

No, as a third party develops it there is a risk of privacy.

Yes, you can have both WhatsApp on one device without any security issues.

Final Words

FM WhatsApp is a modified version of the Official WhatsApp but with some extended features. The third party developers develop this app.

You can not download it from the Play Store as we download Official WhatsApp. You just need a secure website like for mod apps protected by malware virus detection. 

Besides these, it has a million users and a rating of 4.5. Download it and have fun with the extended featured app.