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OG WhatsApp Pro APK (Anti-Ban) Download Latest Version May 2024(Updated)



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OG WhatsApp Pro APK is an advanced version of the official WhatsApp. AlexMods develops this app. Interestingly, OG Whatsapp is friendly to use. Developers added features like download status, anti-Delete message, lock chat, message scheduler, block your particular contact, and many more. The most important thing is OG Whatsapp Pro is a virus-free app. Third-party antivirus and malware detection systems tested it.

Whatsapp is the most popular app in this era. WhatsApp’s main purpose is messaging, sending, and receiving media files. You can enjoy the next level of excitement when you have WhatsApp with interesting extended features. So, here we have the OG Whatsapp Pro APK.

Stay with me to get proper and comprehensive guide about OG WhatsApp Pro APK…!

OG Whatsapp Pro APK(Anti-Ban) Download Latest Version May 2024(Updated)

This app offers you a bunch of interesting features. The most important thing about OG WhatsApp is it is end-to-end encrypted and has more security layers than the official WhatsApp. Additional security layers make it more reliable.

Info Table

App NameOG WhatsApp
VersionLatest V 17.80
Base version2.24.6.77
Size75.60 MB
Android Require5.0+
Features All Extra Features
Info Table For OG WhatsApp Pro APK

What is OG Whatsapp Pro Apk? 

OG Whatsapp Pro is a modified version of official WhatsApp with some extended features. The owner of official WhatsApp doesn’t develop it. The third-party developers originated it. Yet it is friendly and comfortable to use.

Security is the 1st priority of every user. Developers keep it in mind and develop this app properly. Consequently, it will never harm your privacy in any way. So you can install it without any hesitation.

The developer of fantastic app develops it with high security and privacy. Moreover, Lock Chat and Hide Chat features make it more secure and easy to use.

This app offers you with a wide range of features and options. It enhances your communication skills with user-friendly features like font size, themes, voice change, and other features.

Features of OG Whatsapp Pro APK 2024

As we know OG Whatsapp is famous for its amazing features. These features make it special and urge users to download it. So, here we have some interesting features for you.

Auto Reply

Status Download

DND Mode


 1. Anti-Ban

Official Whatsapp banned the users who have installed the mod versions. Users of the mod version suffer this pain. The developer of OG WhatsApp sort out this problem. OG users can get rid of the problem of getting banned. This feature made this app 100% secure.

2. Security

OG WhatsApp provides additional layers of security. You can secure this app with a fingerprint, pattern, and pin lock.

3. Privacy

The other useful feature of this app is privacy. It provides different kinds of privacies. This significant difference makes this app more protective. Such amazing privacy features are not found in the official WhatsApp.

For example; you can hide your status, blue ticks, last seen, and many more.

4. Multiple Accounts

You can have multiple accounts on one device. There is no need to keep numerous WhatsApp applications. You can run multiple WhatsApp accounts on your OG WhatsApp.

Multiple Accounts By OG WhatsApp

5. Themes and Fonts

You get bored by using simple WhatsApp with a boring style. You can design and make your chats more interesting with different themes and fonts.OG Whatsapp has more than 1000 themes. So, it makes it more interesting.

6. Message Scheduler

OG has introduced the most interesting feature known as the pre-built message scheduler. Sometimes you forget to send important messages on a particular day. You just type a message in a message scheduler. Select the contact you want to send. Set the date and time. In this way, OG WhatsApp can send messages to specific contacts without any problem. 

7. Block Specific Contact 

You can block any user who disturbs you. You can block either a person or phone calls.

8. Backup and Restore

You can back up your chats with this feature. Users of this app can restore their data. Complete backup and restore of data make it more reliable. 

9. Download Status

No need to ask your friend to send you your favorite status. OG users can easily download anyone’s status by clicking the download option. Interestingly, you don’t need any other app to download status. Just click on the download option and get your favorite status.

Download Status By OG WhatsApp

10. Anti-Delete Message

You can read deleted messages with this app. There’s no need to ask your friend what they deleted.

11. Lock Chat

This app allows you to secure your chats with a chat lock feature. By enabling this feature you can lock your chat.

Lock chats in og

12. DND Mode

DND Mode is the same as airplane mode on your phone. It just simply disconnects your internet connection from your WhatsApp but you can use other apps through the internet. DND mode disables notifications.

13. Block Particular Contact Call

This application allows you to block the calls of a particular contact. There is no need to block a contact completely. Just turn off the call-receiving option of a specific contact. Go into settings and block it. You can block any of your contacts who are disturbing you by calling again and again.

Block calls for particular contact

14. Make calls Not Add Contacts

You can easily contact any number on your OG Whatsapp. You won’t need to add any number to make a call. You can make a call without adding them to your contacts.

15. No Restriction in Group Name

In this, you can choose the name of your group according to your choice. In OG WhatsApp you can write a name up to 35 characters. Official WhatsApp restricts you from selecting a name.

16. Ghost Mode

OG Whatsapp introduced a new exciting feature known as Ghost mode. You can use your WhatsApp as a ghost. This feature freezes your activities by hiding the blue tick, freezing the last scene, hiding the online status, and hiding the view status. Enable this feature and private your activities. Have fun with Ghost mode.

17. Share Long Status

Official WhatsApp users share status for up to 30 seconds. OG users can share status for up to 45 seconds but this status can only be seen by same-mode users.

Long status sharing by OG

18. High-Resolution Image Sharing

OG Whatsapp Pro APK allows you to enhance the resolution of your image. This app permits you to share pictures up to 65 MB in size.

High Resolution image sharing by OG WhatsApp Pro

19. Pop-up Notification

This app allows you to hide pop-up notifications from your main screen.

20. Extra Security Layer

Security is the number one priority of every user. OG WhatsApp Pro provides you with extra layers of security.  You can lock your chats. You can also hide specific contact and also you can lock that chat.

21. Send 90+ pictures 

This app provides you with a fascinating feature. You can send 90+ pictures at a time. This feature is not available to official WhatsApp users. Only OG users have this benefit.

Multiple Pictures sending option

How to download or Install OG Whatasapp Pro Apk?

The installation process of this app is quite simple and easy. The important thing is you must create a backup on your official WhatsApp. It will help you to store your data in your OG.

The downloading process of this app is quite different. You can download official WhatsApp from the Play Store, but you go through a different process for unofficial apps. Unofficial apps are known as third-party apps.

For this, you need a secure website to download third-party apps. Here we have GBOGFMYO.com for you. This is reliable and secure.

By following these steps you can easily download the latest version of OG Whatsapp Pro.

  • Download OG Whatsapp from GBOGFMYO.com, as the modified APK is not available on the Play Store.
  • Go to your device settings and enable the “Install from Unknown Resource Option.”
  • Find the app in your file manager and open it to install it on your mobile. 
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen to complete the installation process.
  • After the completion of this process allow internal storage access by enabling storage permissions.
  • Provide your phone number.
  • For copying WhatsApp data click on the “Copy WhatsApp Data” option under your mobile number.
  • Your old chat backup will be restored once you have verified your phone number with the OTP.

The installation process is complete! You can now enjoy this amazing app.

How do you update OG Whatsapp Pro?

The updating process of OG Whatsapp Pro is similar to the installation process. When the new version is available a message will pop up on your WhatsApp screen. It will notify you that a new version is available and you can update the app to the latest version.

Follow these steps to update OG WhatsApp Pro:

  • Click on the update version option from the notification. It will bring you to the website where the updated version is available.
  • Download the updated version of the app by following the same process as you did while downloading the app.
  • Install it on your mobile phone.
  • The latest version will replace the previous version.
  • The new update will have a list of new updates and changes.
  • Your OG is now up to date, explore new features and have fun!

Advantages and Disadvantages of OG Whatsapp Pro APK

It is similar to official Whatsapp but with some extended features.It is not the official app so potential risk is always there.
This application is free to download.This app might behave strangely while you are using it.
It is free of cost. You do not need any cost for premium features. As it is a third-party app it might be possible it will stop working.
OG Whatsapp can support dual systems.Sometimes it might lose some data when you update it.
OG Whatsapp is friendly and secure to use.This kind of app has malware viruses that can steal your information
Advantages and Disadvantages

OG WhatsApp vs Official Whatsapp

Characteristics OG WhatsappOfficial Whatsapp
Long status YesNo
Freeze Last scene YesYes
High resolutionYesNo
Extra Security LayersYesNo
Backup YesNo
Block Specific Contact  YesNo
90+ picturesYesNo
Blank Message SendingYesNo
Document SharingYesYes
Comparison Table

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

OG Whatsapp is a third-party app protected by malware detection and anti-virus with some extended characteristics.

Yes, OG WhatsApp is secure and reliable.

AlexMods develops OG WhatsApp.

Not yet, but the developer might introduce it in the feature.

Yes, you can use both at a time on same device.

Final Words

WhatsApp is the most common source of chatting and sharing files. Developers keep it in mind and develop a new app similar to Official WhatsApp but with some extended features. OG Whatsapp is a friendly and reliable app. Although, third-party developers develop it but still have millions of users. Its extended features make it more interesting.

Download it from our site and share it with your friends to make your chat more interesting and creative.

As it is reliable, download it and have fun with your friends with this amazing app.