Make The Look And Feel Of Your WhatsApp More Attractive – GBWhatsApp Font Customization

Make The Look And Feel Of Your WhatsApp More Attractive – GBWhatsApp Font Customization

GBWhatsApp is famous for its flexible customizations and exciting user-friendly features. Since the launch of GB WhatsApp, it has been offering different mind-blowing user-friendly features. The list of features available in GB WhatsApp is very long, you can click here to learn more about them.

This article is all about GBWhatsApp font customization. We will deeply dig into this topic and learn what is this feature and how it works.

What is the GBWhatsApp font customization feature?

Font style plays an important role in the feel of a design. Beautiful fonts attract more and make the app more engaging. That’s why font style plays a key role in the look and feel of a design.

As we know everyone has different tastes. So liking and disliking varies from person to person. Due to variations in the personal choices of people, GBWhatsApp provides you with a list of attractive fonts. You can set your favorite one according to your choice for your GB WhatsApp. All fonts are available on google, so getting them from the internet is quite simple. You can also explore google fonts for better research regarding fonts.

Furthermore, this font customization is not limited to the predefined given list. If you think your favorite font is not available in the given list, you can upload a .ttf file of your favorite font. This feature allows you to add your custom fonts to GBWhatsApp.

How to do font customization in GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp font customization is quite simple and easy task. For the font customization in GBWhatsApp, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Open your GBWhatsApp and click on three dots on the upright corner of the screen
  • A list will appear, click on the first option “GBSettings”. It will bring you to the settings screen
  • From the GBSettings screen, click on the “Universal” tab. You will move to another activity
  • Now click on the “Styles (Look and Feel)”. A new screen will open where you will many options available regarding emojis style and and font styles
  • Scroll the screen and you will see two options at the end named “Font Style” and “Load Font
  • If you want to explore the list of available fonts, click on the “Font Style” option and explore the list of given fonts. Select your favorite one and restart GBWhatsApp. The font will be implemented in your GBWhatsApp.
  • On the other hand, if you don’t find your favorite in the given list, click on the “Load Font” option and upload the .ttf file of your favorite font in GBWhatsApp from your mobile. After this step, your WhatsApp will restart and your uploaded font will be applied to your GBWhatsApp.
GBWhatsapp Font changing Guide SS

By performing this procedure step by step, you can easily update the font style of your GB WhatsApp and change its entire look and feel.

Whenever you want to open your private chats just click on it and verify your fingerprint, and the locked chat will be visible to you. By following these steps, you can easily enable your Chat Lock feature. The protection of your chats is very simple and easy with GBWhatsApp.

How to reset the default font in GBWhatsApp

If you are having any kind of problem with the font that you updated, you can return to the default settings. For that purpose, you need to follow the following steps:

  • First of all, repeat all the steps till the “Font Style” and “Load Fond” options that you followed while changing the font style
  • Now click on the “Font Style” option and select the default font style from there

In this way your your font style will be set to the default settings.


Among the different amazing features of GB WhatsApp, there is a font customization feature available for you. With the help of this feature, you can get proper control over the font style of your WhatsApp. Read the guide carefully and customize the look and feel of your WhatsApp according to your choice.

If you don’t like the changes that you made, you can easily come back to the default settings. Everything is totally in your control. Explore it, play with it, and have fun.

Try this feature of GBWhatsApp now and let us know how you feel about it in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends.

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