Make Your Influence With The Power Of Your Words – GBWhatsApp Voice Status

Make Your Influence With The Power Of Your Words – GBWhatsApp Voice Status

For powerful influence, having a bold and charming personality is not enough. Your voice, words, and thoughts are crucial in building a good impact. GBWhatsApp voice status allows you to spread your message via voice notes.

GBWhatsApp is controlled and managed by third-party developers. The official team of WhatsApp does not control or manage it. That’s why updates from the official WhatsApp version don’t automatically apply to GBWhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp developers do not make you wait for a long time; within a few days, they also launch the update of GBWhatsApp. Simply update your GB WhatsApp, and all updated features of WhatsApp will start working in your GBWA.

GBWhatsApp voice status feature

Previously, you were sending voice messages along with text, video, and picture messages on your WhatsApp chats. All these features were also available for you in WhatsApp status except the voice status feature.

With the new update of GBWhatsApp, you are now able to update your voice status in GBWA. Yes, as your text status, your voice notes could be put on your WhatsApp status.

Spread your voice via the GB WhatsApp voice status feature and make your WhatsApp status more interesting.

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How does the GB WhatsApp voice status feature work

The usage of this feature is quite simple and easy. Previously, in your GBWhatsApp status tab, you had only two buttons. A “Camera Icon Button” for photo or video statuses and a “Pencil Icon Button” for text statuses.

You still have these two options but the working of “Pencil Icon” has been enhanced. When you click the “Pencil Icon”, there will be a voice recording button too at the bottom right corner. You can record your voice as you record while voice chatting with your friends in your inbox and put that on your status.

Here are the working steps of the GB WhatsApp voice status feature:

  • Open your WhatsApp and move to the status tab
  • Click the “Pencil Icon” button and the text status screen will appear. You will see at the bottom right corner, there will be a button with the microphone icon
  • Press that button to record your voice
  • When recording is completed, leave the button
  • Click on the color icon to change the background and set your favorite color on background
  • Press the arrow button and your voice status will be updated
GBWhatsapp Voice Status Feature Guide SS

By following these steps, you can easily update your voice status in your GBWA.

Note: Same as the video status the recording length of this feature is also 30 seconds even in GBWhatsApp.

This feature is not only specified for GBWhatsApp for Android. It is workable on all versions of GBWhatsApp like GBWhatsApp for iOS and GBWhatsApp for PC/MacBook.

What is our view about the GB WhatsApp voice status feature?

I’ve been personally using GB WhatsApp since 2020. I’m a youngster, and people in my age group are more addicted to social media. According to my observation, the voice status feature is not so popular. Its usage is rare.

Folks love to update images, videos, and text as their WhatsApp status instead of voice notes. My analysis says this is not a feature that excites users and makes their WhatsApp usage experience charming.

I have mentioned my opinion regarding the voice status feature of GBWA. Now my question is, what do you think about this feature? Update your GBWhatsApp, use this feature, and let me know your feedback in the comment section. Thank you!


GBWhatsApp keeps updated with official WhatsApp. It has the official WhatsApp’s features as well as its features. Now the voice status of WhatsApp is available in GBWA. You just need to update your GBWA to enjoy this feature.

The usage guide of the feature is easy. It has been mentioned above in this article. You can easily follow that to play with this feature. If we talk about the popularity of this feature, according to its usage ratio, it is abhorred.

We would love to hear your feedback about this feature. Let us know in the comment section.

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